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agave agave flowers agave palmeri age 19 alabama alba albiventris allen's big eared bat idionycteris phyllotis american oil palm attalea butyracea an endangered lesser longnosed bat leptonycteris yerbabuenae feeding on the fruit of a saguaro cactus carnegiea gigantea in mexico. these bats are by far the most efficient longdistance seed dispersers of giant culumnar cacti. seed dispersal andersen air force base andes andrews air force base ang thong province angolan freetailed bat angolan freetailed bat mops condylurus ankarana special reserve ans thong province antillean ghostfaced bat mormoops blainvillii antonia hubancheva antrozous approaching piper fruit piper tuberculatum approaching piper hispidum approaching solanum umbellatum arena forest reserve arizona arizona myotis myotis occultus armiger aroused from hibernation artibeus lituratus. latin america artificial bat roosts asa wright asia asian asian wrinkle lipped bat chaerephon plicatus asian wrinklelipped bat chaerephon plicatus asleep atbcap conference attic roost august 1972 august 1992 aurita auritus austin australia australia. austriacus ave baan tarn een village mooban in thai babcockwebb wildlife management area baby baby bats baja baja california sur bajia negra balata fruit manildara bidentata bamboo forest ban phai province banana flower banana leaf banana leaf roost banana pipistrelle neoromicia nanus band recovery bangprohan district banon district baobab flower adansonia digitata baobab tree baracoa barro colorado island bat bat association of taiwan bat condo bat conservation bat farms bat guano fertilizer bat guano harvesting bat house bat house building bat houses bat houses best occupied bat houses in school bat portraits batch 1 batch 2 batch 3 batch 4 batch 5 batch 6 batmdt bats bats aloft project bats pollinating cactus flowers battambang province battombon province battombong province bauhinia sp bci special beccari's freetailed bat mormopterus beccarii beigang township belize bert grantges bicolored roundleaf bat bicolored roundleaf bat hipposideros bicolor big bend big bend national park big bend ranch big brown bat eptesicus fucus big brown bat eptesicus fuscus big freetailed bat bigeared woolly bat chrotopterus auritus bilobatum black bean tree castinosperum australie black bearded tomb bat black flying fox pteropus alecto black mastiff bat molossus rufus blackbearded tomb bat taphozous melanopogon blackbearded tomb bat taphozous melanopogon lower left blackwinged little yellow bat rhogeessa tumida blasius's horseshoe bat rhinolophus blasii blossevillii blue guandong elaeocarpus grandis blue mahoe tree malvaceae talipariti elatum blythii bob lane bombacaceae bonneted bonnetted book book cover borealis bornean green keeled pit viper tropidolaemus wagleri borneo botswana botswanan longeared bat botswanan longeared bat laephotis botswanae bracken cave bracken cave emergence brasiliensis brazil brazilian brazilian free tailed bat brazilian free tailed bat tadarida brasiliensis brazilian freetailed bat brazilian freetailed bat tadarida brasiliensis brazilian freetailed bats brazilian freetailed bats tadarida brasiliensis breast bridge bridge crevices brisbane british columbia british counsul education center bromeliaceae bromeliad bromiliaceae brown brown longeared bat plecotus auritus brownbellied broadnosed bat platyrrhinus fusciventris brunei brush box tree lophostemon confertus buddhist monks selling bat guano buffy flower bat erophylla sezekorni building gate bulgaria bulldog bumblebee bat bush bush forest bushveld horseshoe bat rhinolophus simulator cactaceae cactus calabash tree crescentia cujete bignoniaceae california california leaf nosed bat macrotus californicus california leafnosed bat macrotus californicus california myotis myotis californicus californicus calyptrogyne ghiegbreghtiana cambodia camouflage campanulaceae canada cantor's roundleaf bat hipposideros galeritus cape hairy bat cape hairy bat myotis tricolor cape serotine carara national park cardon cactus pachycereus pringlei cardon cactus pachycereus pringlei fruit caribbean carlsbad caverns carnegiea gigantea carnivore caroline schoner caroline schoner with pit viper carrying female scarlet rumped tanager carrying fig carrying grasshopper carrying katydid carrying maclura tinctora moraceae fruit carrying piper fruit piper tuberculatum carrying pup carrying solanum rugosum castinosperum australie catching a katydid catching anaconda snake catching carabid beetle catching cockroach catching dung beetle catching grasshopper catching insects catching kadydid catching katydid tettigoniidae catching prey catching prey basalisk lizard catching prey eleutherodactylus fitzingeri catching prey katydid catching prey robber frog eleutherodactylus fitzingeri catching prey slender anole anolis limifrons cave cave cavity cave entrance cave myotis myotis velifer cave nectar bat eonycteris spelaea cave nectar bat eonycteris spelaea pollinating fabaceae cave roost cave trip with gary graham cave. caver volunteers cayman islands cecropia obtusifolia ceiba tree censusing centipede central america chaerephon plicatus emergence champa molek chapin's freetailed bat chaerephon chapini checking for bats in bat houses checking hibernating bats cheek pouches chestnut longtongued bat lionycteris spurrelli chestnut sacwinged bat cormura brevirostris children china chiroptera choeronycteris cinereus climbing cloeotis closeup closeup cross section cloud forest cluster clusters coligallo palm comman asian ghost bat megaderma spasma commissaris's long tongued bat glossophaga commissarisi commissaris's longtongued bat glossophaga commissarisi common common asian ghost bat megaderma spasma common bentwing bat miniopterus medius miniopteridae common bentwing bat miniopterus schreibersii common blossom bat syconycteris australis common longtongued bats glossophaga soricina common noctule nyctulus noctula common slit faced bat nycteris thebaica common slitfaced bat nycteris thebaica common tent making bat uroderma bilobatum common tentmaking bat uroderma bilobatum common vampire bat desmodus rotundus congress congress avenue bridge congress avenue bridge bat emergence conservation copulating copy of img_4632pz29edffffediteditedit coral tree erythrina variegata corn ear worm helicoverpa zea corn earworm helicoverpa zea corn earworm mothhelicoverpa zea corynorhinus corynorhinus rafinesquii corynorhinus townsendii costa rica cottonwood tree courting courtship cr1 cr2 craseonycteridae craseonycteris cu1 cu2 cuba cuban cuban emerald hummingbird chlorostilbon ricordii cuban flower bat phyllonycteris poeyi cuban fruiteating bat brachyphylla nana cuenca cueva de los majaes cueva la virgin cute cycad tree cycas micronesica cynopterus cynopterus brachyotis d d.albused2.2pz daniela schmieder daok tree calophyllum inophyllum dark fruiteating bat artibeus obscurus david smuch pilot red shirt davies's bigeared bat micronycteris daviesi davy's nakedbacked bat pteronotus davyi dayak roundleaf bat hipposideros dycorum december 1991 deciduous oak desert desmodus diadem horseshoe bat hipposideros diadema diagnostics diclidurus albus dieamous ding diphylla director of siboneyjuticl research station district amphoe district belait. labi district belit district lovech district ruse donna hensley doublewide nursery house dr. jorge a. tamayo fonseca drakensberg escarpment drinking drinking in flight dry forest dsc01052 dsc01070 dsc01088 dsc01110 dsc01151 dsc01228 dsc01323 dsc01387 dsc01447 dsc01460 dsc01473 dsc01476 dsc01543 dsc01547 dsc01579 dsc01590 dsc01598 dsc01601 dsc01655 dsc01668 dsc01684 dsc01697 dsc01734 dsc01745 dsc01764 dsc01772 dsc01944 dsc01944pz24 dsc02019 dsc02046 dsc02047 dsc02092 dsc02106 dsc02246 dsc02250 dsc02279 dsc02281 dsc02293 dsc02324 dsc02356 dsc02358 dsc02407 dsc02469 dsc02490 dsc02518 dsc02619 dsc02674 dsc02727 dsc02833 dsc02938 dsc02960 dsc03001 dsc03002 dsc03114 dsc03133 dsc03154 dsc03168 dsc03169 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piper fruit piper tuberculatum eating ripe mango eating rose apple eugenia jambos eating sea almond fruit terminalia catappa eating thick billed seed finch eating yellow berries ec1 ec2 ecaudata ecolocation ectophylla ecuador ed2 editflipped editpz29 editpz30 editpz32 edittest ega longtongued bat scleronycteris ega egyptian fruit bat rousettus aegyptiacus eidolon eidolon dupreanum elementary school emallonuridae emballanuridae emballonura emballonuridae embalonura emergence emergence840 emerging bat emerging bats emerging from bamboo roost emerging from cave bat roost endangered endangered species endemic species research center england enhanced enlrged entering cave with guard entering pitcher plant entering pitcher plant nepenthes bicalcarata entering pitcher plant nepenthes hemsleyana entrance epauletted epomophorus eptesicus capensis eucalyptus baileyana euderma maculatum eumops europe evening bat nycticeius humeralis examining seeds fabaceae faced fagot tree neisosperma oppositifolia favorites box 000 february 1992 february 1993 feeding feeding on breadfruit artocarpus altilis feeding on chicken feeding on coconut nectar feeding on cow feeding on gecko feeding on moth female fern cave fertilizer ficus macrophylla field notes field work fig final2pz32 first batch fisheating bat myotis vivesi fishing bat flagstaff flight flight with centipede flight with kadydid flight with moth florida florida bat tower florida bonneted bat eumops floridanus floridanus flower flyfishing for bats flying flying to fig flying to fruit flying with crab apple foot footed formosan golden bat museum formosan golden bat myotis formosus flavus formosan golden bat's home formosan golden bats' home formosan lesser horseshoe bat rhinolophus monoceros formosan longeared bat plecotus taivanus fort pearce wash founder's circle founder's circle trip fox frank biben franquet's epauletted fruit bat epomops franqueti free french french guiana fringed myotis myotis thysanodes fringelipped bat trachops cirrhosus frogeating or fringelipped bat trachops cirrhosus frons frosted sacwinged bat saccopteryx canescens fruit furhor furipteridae g12 game warden game wardens gary mccracken gatkop cave gaňal plant geoffroy's rousette fruit bat rousettus amplexicaudatus geoffroy's tailless bat anoura geoffroyi georgia gervais's fruiteating bat artibeus cinereus gervais's fruiteating bat artibeus cinereussp gesneriaceae ghost ghost bat macroderma gigas ghostfaced bat mormoops megalophylla giant mastiff bat otomops martiensseni gigas ginger plant alpinia sp glen's longfingered bat miniopterus gleni golden bat mascot gould's longeared bat nyctophilus gouldi gould's wattled bat chalinolobus gouldii grandidier's freetailed bat chaerephon leucogaster grandidler's grandidler's trident bat paratriaenops auritus gray gray bat gray bat myotis grisenscens gray bat myotis grisescens gray bat pups gray bats myotis grisescens gray headed flying fox gray longeared bat plecotus austriacus gray longeared bat plecutus austriacus gray ratsnake gray ratsnake pantherophis spiloides gray sacwinged bat balantiopteryx plicata grayheaded flying fox great great fruiteating bat artibeus lituratus great himalayan leafnosed bat hipposideros armiger great stripedfaced bat vampyrodes caraccioli greater greater bulldog bat noctilio leporinus greater doglike bat peropteryx kappleri greater false vampire bat megaderma lyra greater horseshoe bat rhinolophus ferrumequinum greater long nosed bat leptonycteris nivalis greater longnosed bat leptonycteris nivalis greater longtongued nectar bat macroglossus sobrinus greater mous eeared bat myotis myotis greater mouse eared bat myotis myotis greater mouseeared bat myotis myotis greater naked bat cheiromeles torquatus greater roundeared bat tonatia bidens greater sacwinged bat saccopteryx bilineata greater shortnosed fruit bat greater shortnosed fruit bat cynopterus sphinx greater spearnosed bat phyllostomus hastatus greater whitelined bat saccopteryx bilineata green vegetable stink bug nezara viridula grey grey headed flying fox pteropus poliocephalus greyheaded flying fox pteropus poliocephalus guadelupe canyon guam guano guano business guano miner guano miners guard guiana guiana. habitat hacienda jacana haired hairy hairy bigeared bat micronycteris hirsuta hairy bigeyed bat chiroderma villosum hairy fruiteating bat artibeus hirsutus hairylegged vampire bat diphylla ecaudata hala bala national park hammerheaded bat hypsignathus monstrosus hand feeding hand feeding bats hand held handheld hardwicke's woolly bat kerivoula hardwickii hardwicke's wooly bat harem group hat yai hdr headed heartnosed bat heartnosed bat cardioderma cor heller's broadnosed bat heller's broadnosed bat platyrrhinus helleri hesperus hibernating hibernation hibernation site. highland yellow shouldered bat sturnira ludovici highland yellowshouldered bat sturnira ludovici hiking to cave hildebrandt's horseshoe bat rhinolophus hildebrandtii himalayan hipposideridae hipposideros hipposideros armiger hipposideros bicolor hipposideros ruber hoary hoary bat lasiurus cinereus hog hollow tree hollow tree roost honduran honduran white bat ectophylla alba hong kong hong kong in wa kau tang hong kong workshop hong kong workshop activities horseshoe horsfield's myotis myotis horsfieldii horshoe hot air balloon hubbards cave humbolt national park hunters hybernation ice crystals idionycteris phyllotis img_0143eidduproosting in caveffffpz34 in forest in pearson cave india indian flying fox pteropus giganteus indian trumpet flower oroxylum indicum bignoniaceae indiana indiana myotis myotis sodalis insular flying fox pteropus tonganus insular flying fox pteropus tonganus in king's protected roost intermediate horseshoe bat rhinolophus affinis intermediate horshoe bat intermediate longfingered bat miniopterus medius intermediate roundleaf bat hipposideros larvatus iron mine isalo island ivory coast jamaica jamaican cherry tree fruit muntingia calabura jamaican figeating bat ariteus flavescens jamaican fruiteating bat artibeus jamaicensis james cave jantraram temple january 1972 january 1976 january 1986 japanese pipistrelle pipistrellus abramus jeff acopian's photos jeff's pics jeffery a. gore jianan plain joe chunchia huang john westbrook hat judges cave jugularisffffpz34 july 1992 june 1988 juvenile juvenile male kaen chan cave kaloka kampot province kanchaburi kandal province kapok ceiba pentandia kapok tree ceiba pentandra kbal town keen's myotis myotis keenii kentucky kenya kerivoula kerivoula picta in roost kerivoula sp. new kerry estrightpruznak khao chong phran cave kiangavato kino bay kisumu kite crew kitti's kitti's hognosed bat craseonycteris thonglongyai kitti's hognosed or bumblebee bat kitti's hognosed or bumblebee bat craseonycteris thonglongyai la selva la selva field station labi laephotis botswanae lander's horseshoe bat rhinolophus landeri lanosa large flying fox pteropus vampyrus large fruiteating bat artibeus amplus large myotis myotis chinensis large slitfaced bat nycteris grandis largeeared freetailed bat otomops martiensseni largeeared slitfaced bat nycteris macrotis aethiopica largefooted bat myotis adversus larry heaney lasionycteris lasiurus latin america lavia layer leach's single leaf bat monophyllus redmani leaf leaf tent leaf tent roost least false serotine hesperotenus blanfordi least roundleaf bat hipposideros doriae least woolly bat kerivoula minuta lecture legged legume leptonycteris leschenault's rousette fruit bat rousettus leschenaulti lesser lesser asiatic yellow bat scotophilus kuhlii lesser bamboo bat in hand showing size lesser bamboo bat tylonycteris pachypus lesser bicoloured leafnosed bat hipposideros atrox lesser bulldog bat noctilio albiventris lesser doglike bat peropteryx macrotis lesser false vampire bat megaderma spasma lesser hairywinged harpiocephalus harpia lesser horseshoe bat rhinolophus hipposideros lesser long nosed bat leptonycteris yerbabuenae lesser longnosed bat leptonycteris yerbabuenae lesser mouseeared bat myotis blythii lesser mousetailed bat rhinopoma hardwickii lesser moustached bat pteronotus personatus lesser sacwinged bat saccopteryx leptura lesser shortnosed fruit bat cynopterus brachyotis lesser shortnosed fruit bat cynopterus brachyotissp lesser shorttailed bat mystacina tuberculata lesser spearnosed bat phyllostomus elongatus lesser whitelined bat saccopteryx leptura lesser woolly bat kerivoula lanosa lew and dorothy barnes light phase lightened limpopo province lingling lee interpreter linnei township little bentwinged bat miniopterus australis little bigeared bat micronycteris megalotis little brown myotis myotis lucifugus little freetailed bat little freetailed bat chaerephon pumilus little mammoth cave little red flying fox pteropus scapulatus little whiteshouldered bat ametrida centurio little yellow shouldered bat sturnira lilium little yellowshouldered bat sturnira lilium lois bloomenthal lonchorhina lonchorhina aurita long long eared myotis long eared myotis myotis evotis longeared myoti longeared myotis myotis evotis longfingered bat myotis capaccinii longlegged bat macrophyllum macrophyllum longlegged myotis myotis volans looking for bats loreto louis trichardt lyle's lyle's flying fox pteropus lylei macconnell's macconnell's bat mesophylla macconnelli macconnelli macleay's mustached bat pteronotus macleayii macroderma macrotus madagascan madagascan fruit bat eidolon dupreanum madagascar madagascar. madagascarafrica major's longfingered bat miniopterus majori making malawi malayan horseshoe bat rhinolophus malayanus malayan slitfaced bat nycteris tragata male male guarding male guarding female and baby male with harem greater shortnosed fruit bat in fan palm roost males fighting malvaceae mammal manavil longfingered bat miniopterus manavi mangrove apple sonneratia caseolaris lythraceae marcgravia evenia marcgravia nepenthiodes marcgravia rectiflora marcgravia sp. marcgraviaceae march 1988 mariana flying fox pteropus mariannus market marm kilpatrick mauritian mauritian tomb bat taphozous mauritianus mauritianus mayor mdt mdt_th4_c3_6556pz mediterranean horseshoe bat rhinolophus euryale megaderma megadermatidae megalophylla mehely's mehely's horseshoe bat rhinolophus mehelyi mehelyi melaleuca leucodendron meletsi bat research and conservation training center merinthopodium neuranthum merlin photographing bats merlin pr photos merlin tuttle merlin tuttle talk merlin tuttle's bat conservation mesophylla mex3 mexican mexican funnel eared bat natalus stramineus mexican funneleared bat natalus stramineus mexican long tongued bat choeronycteris mexicana mexican longtongued bat choeronycteris mexicana mexicana mexico miaoli county michigan microphone micropteropus midas midas freetailed bat mops midas mike ryan milk river cave milwaukee mine conservation miniopteridae miniopterus miniopterus pusillus minor minor epauletted fruit bat epomophorus labiatus minor mist netting mm8034 mm8034_120523_ec1_6981 mm8034_120523_ec1_7491pz30 molossidae molossus rufus monfort cave monks mopleuffffpz34 mops mops condylurus morgue cave morgue pits mormoopidae mormoops mormopterus morse park morton bay fig mother and pup mother and pups mother with pup mother with pups mother with twins mothers with pups mount plenty cave mouse mtbc mucuna holtonii mucuna holtonii in forest municipality ivanavo municipality troyan municipality tryavna museum mvun wilderness camp myngmedit myotis myotis austroriparius mystacinidae myzaurffffpz16 myzaurffffpz32 myzaurfffpz30 myzopoda myzopoda aurita myzopodidae nanton county narathiwat province nariva province nariva swamp narrowwinged pipistrelle pipistrellus stenopterus natal longfingered bat miniopterus natalensis natalidae national geographic photography national museum of natural science natterer's nattereri near talparo nectar needlebark stringybark eucalyptus eucalyptus planchoniana needlebark stringybark tree eucalyptus planchoniana neem tree nepenthaceae nepenthes hemsleyana nepenthes hemsleyana with kerivoula hardwickii inside pitcher netting netting bats new fern cave new mammoth cave new mexico new york new zealand new zealand longtailed bat chalinolobus tuberculatus newborn newborn baby newffffpz33 ney cave nicaragua nicefori niceforo's niceforo's bigeared bat trinycteris nicefori night roost noack's roundleaf bat noack's roundleaf bat hipposideros ruber noctilio noctilionidae noctivagans noctula noctule norma monfort normal color phase north america northern ghost bat northern ghost bat diclidurus albus northern ghost bat in american oil palm attalea butyracea northern longeared myotis myotis septentrionalis northern yellow bat lasiurus intermedius norway mine nosed november 1978 november 1986 november 1991 nursery nursery colony nursing nycteridae nycteris nycteris thebaica nyctinomops macrotis nyctulus oaks cave october 1983 october 1992 ogof gofan old church sanctuary old man's cactus cactaceae espostoa frutescens olorgasaille orange nectar bat lonchophylla robusta orchid tree oregon oreocallis grandiflora organ pipe cactus fruit stenocereus thurberi organ pipe cactus stenocereus thurberi organ pipe national monument organic farming organic fertilizer organic pest control orlova chuka cave otomarfffffpz30 pa po villiage pachycereus pringlei pacific islands painted painted bat kerivoula picta painted or butterfly bat pair pak tam au pale color phase pale spearnosed bat phyllostomus discolor palefaced bat phylloderma stenops pallas's long tongued bat glossophaga soricina pallas's longtongued bat glossophaga soricina pallid pallid bat antrozous pallidus pallidus palm frond palm leaf palm tent palmer's century plant agave palmeri panama paradise paraguay paramo parastrellus paratriaenops paratriaenops auritus park ranger parnell's mustached bat pteronotus parnellii partial albino paul heady paula k. tuttle paula tuttle pearson cave pennsylvania perched perched on branch perched on rock perched with prey percival's percival's shorteared trident bat cloeotis percivali percivali peropteryx kappleri petai inflorescence peter's peter's dwarf epauletted fruit bat micropteropus pusillus peter's wrinklelipped bat peter's wrinklelipped bat mormopterus jugularis philippines phnom chhngauk phnom koun sat phnom kulen national park phnom penh phoro by steve swanson phothong district photographing bats photographing california myotis photographing kerivoula picta in roost photographing northern ghost bats photographing tylonycteris pachypus emerging from roost photography photography studio photong district phyllonycteris phyllosomidae phyllostomidae phyllostomidae pollinating phyllostomidae pollinating flowers phyllostomidae pollination phyllostomus hastatus pick pink bloodwood eucalyptus intermedia pipistrelle pipistrellus pitcher plant pitcher plant nepenthes ampullaria pitcher plant nepenthes bicalcarata pitcher plant nepenthes hemsleyana pkt pktuttle pl female plecotus plecutus plenary speech pocketed free tailed bat nyctinomops femorosaccus pocketed freetailed bat nyctinomops femorosaccus poeyi poliocephalus pollen on face pollinating pollinating agave pollinating balsa wood flower pollinating banana flower pollinating baobab flower pollinating blue mahoe tree talipariti elatum pollinating butter and tallow tree pentadesma butyracea pollinating crescentia cujete pollinating durian pollinating durian flower durio zibethinus pollinating flowers pollinating liana plant freycinetia reinecke flower pollinating male inflorescence pollinating markea pollinating matisia matisia ochrocalyx flower pollinating matisia ochrocaylx pollinating mucuna holtonii pollinating swamp banksia banksia robur flower pollinating wild banana pollination pollinator pollinting pollintion pomona roundleaf bat hipposideros pomona portrait postcards pouches full predation prince songkhla university prisoners construct bat houses proboscis bat rhynchonycteris naso proteaceae protected protecting bats pseudobombax elipticum pt20142 pteronotus macleayi pteropodidae pteropus public lecture pup pups pusillus puya nitida puya nitida habitat pygmy fruiteating bat artibeus phaeotis pygmy roundeared bat lophostoma brasiliense pygmy roundeared bats lophostoma brasiliense quarry pond queen charlotte islands queen elizabeth national park racey's pipistrelle pipistrellus raceyi radio telemetry radiotracking rafinesque's big eared bat rafinesque's bigeared bat rafinesque's bigeared bat corynorhinus rafinesquii rain forest rakang cave ranomafana national park rappelling ratchburi province rearing young recording ecolocation red red phase reforestation reproduction resized resizedpz27 returning rhinolophidae rhinolophide rhinolophus rhinopomatidae rickett's bigfooted myotis myotis pilosus formerly ricketti rio negro riparian myotis myotis riparius river cave river kwai rod suthers lab rohu's bat philetor brachypterus roosing colony roost roosting roosting bats roosting bats in trees roosting cluster roosting cluster in cave roosting colony roosting in banana leaf roosting in building porch roosting in heliconia leaf roosting in hollow tree roosting in palm fronds roosting in pitcher plant nepenthes hemsleyana roosting in spanish moss roosting indead palm frond roosting stains roping rose chafer cetonia aurata rose gum tree angophora costata rosendaal's tubenosed bat murina rosendaali rotundus rufous trident bat triaenops menamena rufus trident bat triaenops menamena from madagascar ruse district rüppell's horseshoe bat rhinolophus fumigatus rüppell's pipistrelle pipistrellus rueppellii sa female sa male saguaro cactus carnegiea gigantea saguaro cactus fruit carnegiea gigantea sai kung sai yok national park sai yok province saint george samanadhama cave sampov mountain sarapiqui school bat houses school children school entry schultz's roundeared bat lophostoma schulzi scorpion sea bean search mi heart flower rhytidophyllum tomentosum searchmiheart flower rhytidophyllum tomentosum seba's short tailed bat carollia perspicillata seba's shorttailed bat seba's shorttailed bat carollia perspicillata seba's shorttailed fruit bat carollia perspicillata seba's shorttailed fruit bats carollia perspicillata second batch seed dispersal seedlings below roost seeds below roost seminole bat seminole bat lasiurus seminolus september 1982 september 1988 september 1992 set building setting up equipment sexual behavior shaggy bat centronycteris maximiliani shamel's horseshoe bat rhinolophus shameli shangrala cave shannon 13 trachops roost shaving brush flower pseudobombax sp shaving brush tree sheath shek kong shek kong in hong kong shengzheng elementary school shingle vine short shoulder epaultes inverted shuilin township siem reap district siem reap province siemers bat research sration siemers bat research station silky shorttailed bat carollia brevicauda silver silverhaired bat lasionycteris noctivagans siphocampylus giganteus size comparison sleeping slider slit sm8x10 small bentwinged bat miniopterus pusillus smiling after eating smithers's horseshoe bat rhinolophus smithersi formerly hildebrandti smoky bat sneads cave sodalis sofia solanaceae solanum rugosum somal island songkhla province sonoran desert south africa south america south dakota south dakota badlands south pacific southeastern asia southeastern myotis myotis austroriparius southern yellow bat lasiurus ega southwestern myotis myotis auriculus southwestern taiwan spasma speckled spectacled flying fox pteropus conspicillatus spectral spectral bat vampyrum spectrum spectrum sphinx spined green stink bug loxa flavicollispentatomidae spix's discwinged bat spix's disk winged bat thyroptera tricolor spix's diskwinged bat thyroptera tricolor spnewffff spondias fruit spotted spotted bat spotted bat euderma maculatum spottedwinged fruit bat balionycteris maculata st. andrews province stalactites stayton stealing nectar stenocereus hystrix sterkfontein dam sterkfontein dam nature reserve sticker stink bean inflorescence parkia speciosa stoxophyllum strawcolored fruit bat eidolon helvum striped hairynosed bat mimon crenulatum striped leafnosed bat hipposideros vittatus students studio studio habitat subadult male sucker sucker footed bat myzopoda aurita suckerfooted bat myzopoda aurita sunda or malayan freetailed bat mops mops sunda tailess fruit bat megaerops ecaudatus sunduvall's leafnosed bat hipposideros caffer suqin village susudel sword tabachka tadarida tadarida brasiliensis pups tail tailed tainan township. tainan taiwan taiwan longtoed myotis myotis secunds taking fig taking wild figs talparo tamana hill bat cave tank plant taphozous tarfuffffffpz31 tarum cave tarum cave entrance 2 tennessee tent tent roosting teresa nichta termite nest roost texas texas hill country th1 th2 th3 th4 thailand theobaica third batch thomas' fruiteating bat thomas's fruiteating bat artibeus dermanura watsoni thonglongyai thrash hengchia chang threatened species thumbless bat furipterus horrens thyropteridae thytri1ez tiavato tiavatofffpz31 tichell's false serotine tickel's false serotine tickell's false serotine hesperotenus tickelli tilda yellowshouldered bat sturnira tildae tiny toltec fruiteating bat artibeus toltecus tomb tomes's tomes's swordnosed bat lonchorhina aurita tonatia silvicola tonga tongued tony koch tortuguero lodge tourists townsend's townsend's big eared bat townsend's big eared bat corynorhinus townsendii townsend's bigeared bat townsend's bigeared bat corynorhinus townsendii townsendii traaurfffffpz31 trachops research trai lak cave trapping traveler's palm tree hollow tree roost trefoil horseshoe bat rhinolophus trifoliatus tres gigantes reserve trichanthera gigantea tricolored bat tricolored bat glyphonycterus sylvestris tricolored bat perimyotis subflavus trident trinibats volunteers trinidad trinidad 2016 trinidadian funneleared bat natalus tumidirastris trinidadian whiskered bat choeroniscus minor trinycteris trochilidae tropidolaemus wagleri tuk meas district tum khee noke cave tungara frog engystomops pustulosus twothreeweekold pups tx2 u.s. u.s. brazilian free tailed bats uganda umbilacle cord underwing moth catocala innubens underwood's underwood's bonnetted bat eumops underwoodi underwood's long tongued bat hylonycteris underwoodi underwood's longtongued bat hylonycteris underwoodi underwoodi united states university of florida at gainsville unnatural unusual ablino color uroderma us3 utah vampire vampire bat vampyrum various years veldkamp's dwarf epauletted fruit bat nanonycteris veldkampii velvety freetailed bat molossus molossus venezuela vesperilionidae vespertilionidae vihear luong cave virginia bigeared bat corynorhinus townsendii virginianus visored bat sphaeronycteris toxophyllum vundumtiki camp wagner's bonneted bat eumops glaucinus wahlberg's wahlberg's epauletted fruit bat epomophorus wahlbergi wahlbergi wales walking on the ground wall picking walston's tubenosed bat murina walstoni wat chantraram wiset chai chan wat khao chang wat samanadhama waterhouse's leafnosed bat macrotus waterhousii werauhia gladioliflora werauhia kupperiana west texas western western mastiff bat eumops perotis western pipistrelle parastrellus hesperus western red bat lasiurus blossevillii western sheathtailed bat emballonura tiavato western smallfooted myotis myotis ciliolabrum western yellow bat lasiurus xanthinus white whitebellied bigeared bat micronycteris minuta whitethroated roundeared bat lophostoma silvicolum whitewinged vampire bat diaemus youngi wild banana flower wildlife photography winged wings wisconsin woermann's bat megaloglossus woermanni woolly workshop wrinklefaced bat centurio senex wrinklelipped freetailed bat chaerephon plicata yafu lee yellow yellow winged bat lavia frons yellowwinged bat lavia frons yemen lee yerbabuenae young adult young female youngi yucatan yuma myotis myotis yumanensis yunlin yunlin county zhushan township zimbabwe zulu pipistrelle pipistrellus zuluensis zuri