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A Geoffroy's tailless bat (Anoura geoffroyi) is pollinating a gaňal plant, Oreocalis grandiflora, inflorescence in southern Ecuador. Gaňal flowers have close relatives in New Guinea, eastern Australia, northern Peru and central Ecuador. The O. mucronata we encountered formed extremely dense thickets of montane cloud forest shrubs about five to six feet tall and were found at about 9,000 feet elevation. Each inflorescence consists of many flowers and is conspicuously located at the tip of a branch extending above the surrounding foliage, making them easier for bats to find at night. Flowers were cream-colored and appeared to remain active both day and night, visited by bats by night and hummingbirds by day. The originally red ancestral flowers of this genus have lost their red color in this species, implying a growing reliance on bats. Pollination

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