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Currently on the site, there are over 2,000 bat photos, including 19 families of bats, 143 genera and 272 species from 32 countries. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or become a Bat Fan For Free to get updates on additions to the collection.

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Bat Fans will receive a coupon code granting FREE access to most MTBC images at low resolution (150 ppi, suitable for web and PowerPoint use). However, each photo download costs us $0.51 to process, so donations are greatly encouraged. DONATE HERE. If you aren't already a Bat Fan JOIN US NOW for free!

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High resolution images are available to noncommercial, education and conservation publishers for a handling fee of just $25 each. To receive this special offer CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT A PHOTO REQUEST FORM

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High resolution images are available for commercial use at reasonable prices. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PHOTOS FOR COMMERCIAL USE or visit Science Source Images.

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